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Snow causes road closuresThey repeal the Carbon Tax and look what happens!

Ian Irvin

glad im not drivin over the mountain.. bad enough with ice and deer on the rd usually

Andrew Wood

I’m glad to see someone else acknowledge deer – first time I saw one on that road I thought I’d hallucinated it, LOL!

Heather Scotland

Surfboard lost between Bega and CoomaThats some nice work and a great design. I hope you find your board Sam.

Tony Cullinan

Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedyAwful tragedy that should never have happened and very hopefully never again. Australia and the world mourning the loss of innocent souls. We are all feeling for the families. Having recently taken similar flight path from Europe a few months ago I feel fortunate and grateful nothing happened to us. Why take risk of flightpaths over questionable war affected zones? Why wasn’t the flight warned or cautioned? Heads will roll and we will get international justice for these lives. Appalling

Andrew O’Donnell

The carbon tax is ditchedWhen I look down

I see earth as a planet

one big beautiful system

preserved in a thin blanket of gas

fragile and venerable in space

When I look out

I see the sun as a star, not in the blue sky but in black

a cosmic perspective

a larger perspective

we are in space

when I look down

I see earth

I see home

I see our destructive approach to life is reckless

there is little between us and a black space that goes on forever

Steve Jackson

Best thing to happen to Australia and may the greens rot in hell

Peter Hill

No refuge for women in the Bega ValleyI thought Bega Valley said No to Violence. Tell me please where are these women to go?

Jo Bugden-Roberts

Pathetic that women & children are to be turned away from safety & by the name of the new service being returned to the situation they’ve fled!

Bev Davies

The Bega Valley’s rates of domestic violence are higher than the NSW average yet we now see not only the Specialist Women’s DV Service not winning the tender, but a decrease in funding for the Bega Valley for women and children escaping violence. This is a cynical and cruel Government exercise in saving money. Once again women’s and children’s lives are being controlled by greed, power and isolationist tactics. I am angry, as are many people across our Valley. This has happened all over NSW and we should be and are appalled. This is unacceptable, as is domestic violence. This government does not understand domestic violence and we will all be affected by these decisions.

Sukalpa Goldflam

Surely I won’t be popular for this, but what refuge is there for men? People are talking about dealing with homelessness as a general issue as if it’s a bad thing. If Mission Australia won the tender, then clearly they put their hat in the ring and want to do the job. They’ve barely started, yet people are already judging them.


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Edenhope-Apsley scores desperate one-point win over Swifts

EFFORT: Edenhope-Apsley’s Chris Oliver, pictured battling against Taylors Lake’s Dylan Carroll, dominated across the half-back line at the weekend. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRIEDENHOPE-APSLEY’S desperate one-point win over Swifts on Saturday has blown the race for a top-three finish wide open in the Horsham District Football Netball League.

The Saints won a gruelling arm wrestle with the Baggies on their home turf in Edenhope with a rushed behind in the dying minutes.

The winning margin – and the way in which it was established – reflected the tough nature of the contest.

The margin was never more than three points at any of the changes, and consecutive goals were hard to come by.

Chris Oliver dominated across the half-back line for Edenhope-Apsley, intercepting opposition kicks and turning the ball over.

He also pushed further up the ground to great effect and kicked a goal.

Tom Clissold and Cameron Domaschenz shared the load up forward with three goals apiece for the Saints, and Mat Cranage booted two.

Ruckman Bernard Kealy and onballer Dave McLeish also impressed.

For Swifts, it was centre half-back Justin Thomas who stood out.

Sean Mantell played another great game across the ground, finishing with one goal.

Gavin Slorach’s pressure at half-forward was also a big factor for Swifts.

Coach Ben Martin booted three goals for the Baggies, while Scott Carey and Isaac Rathgeber each bagged two.

Edenhope-Apsley coach Grant Coxon said he was proud of the way his team kept attacking throughout the game.

“It felt like they got their goals a bit easier, and we had to really work for our goals,” he said.

“It was really a shoot-out even though it wasn’t high scoring, and both teams had to keep attacking.

“We have been beaten by two or three goals a few times this season, so to be on the other end of a close one was really good.”

Swifts co-coach Paul Hanns said his side had been outplayed by Edenhope-Apsley, but was still confident it could win if it met the Saints in the finals.

“We went there with probably eight senior players out, which is no excuse because you have to play with what you’ve got,” he said.

“It was disappointing that a few of our senior leaders couldn’t stand up and give a little bit more in the last quarter, but overall I thought we played well.”

Two of the missing senior players, Owen Phillips and vice-captain Jake Goodes, are likely to miss another week with injury.

The result adds plenty of intrigue to the top-three race.

Barring calamity in its final four rounds, Laharum will win the minor premiership, but second and third spots are up for grabs.

Kalkee’s win over Harrow-Balmoral lifted it into the top three for the first time this season, and Swifts now lead the Kees by just four premiership points and a slim percentage.

Harrow-Balmoral is fourth, but has the worst percentage of the top five, while Edenhope-Apsley trails the Kees and Roos by only four points.

Kalkee looks likely to cement its top-three berth with four games against teams outside the top five remaining.

Edenhope-Apsley, Swifts and Harrow-Balmoral each play two other top-five teams in the run home.

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60th Wedding Anniversary for Gwen and Keith Dickson

Keith and Gwen Dickson were married at the Kerang Baptist church 60 years ago on July 3, 1954. Gwen’s stylish wedding gown featured a flattering fitted bodice with an elegant stand-up neckline and full skirt.

They couple met when they were members of a church youth group. Originally from Quambatook, Gwen had moved to Kerang to work at the National Bank.

After their wedding they drove down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne for their honeymoon, staying at the Pacific Hotel.

Keith grew up in Kerang where his grandfather had selected land in 1879 and raised beef cattle. His grandson, however, had other ideas, becoming an insurance broker instead, after first managing a furniture store in Kerang for 16 years. He still runs a school bus between Kerang and Myall and is also a civil celebrant.

Gwen was kept busy over the years with the gradual arrival of their four children, David, Jenny, Sue and Tim, but still found time to help Keith in the office once they were all at school.

Keith played football with the Kerang first eighteens. “Gwen always went to the football but I don’t know that she watched it,” he says. “I said if I copped a good one I’d get out.”

He later coached and played with Murrabit, but after “copping a good one” (breaking a leg) he got out of the game for awhile.

Gwen had gentler pursuits, taking up painting as a creative outlet after a few lessons here and there, and is a great fan of the singer John Williamson, who also hails from Quambatook.

The couple recently moved from Kerang to Bendigo, where three of their children reside, and are settling in to their lovely new abode.

Both Keith and Gwen share strong Christian principles which they say have been central to their partnership.

They’ve travelled to south-east Asia, Indonesia and Fiji, enjoy having coffee with friends and as members of the Kerang Probus club they hope to continue that connection in Bendigo. Their family now extends to 16 grandchildren, the youngest being one-year-old twins, and two great-grandchildren.

An afternoon tea for family and friends will be held on Sunday at the Junortoun Baptist hall.

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GALLERY: BSR Tigers shock win over the Cats

GALLERY: BSR Tigers shock win over the Cats Arryn Lloyd breaks away with possession

Arryn Lloyd and BJ Whiting collide

Ashley Hentschke and Adam McKenzie battle for the ball

Ashley Hentschke in and under

Callen Kennett takes a strong grab

Nick McCormack in the action

Ryan Darling gets a quick kick forward

Simon McCormack is tackled strongly

Tyron Prior under pressure

Adam Mckenzie found some space

BJ Whiting takes a grab

Tim Weckert is surrounded

Todd Slade takes possession in space

Zac Fitzgerald goes up for the mark

Nadinne Wilkinson takes possession for Blyth/Snowtown

Ellie Weckert shoots for goal

Simone Lawry in action

Alicia Thomas shoots under pressure

Bernie Altmann leads the pack to possession

Alicia Thomas stretches to take possession

Jessica Lloyd makes a strong intercept

Ellie Weckert take possession for the tigers

Anne Jones and Tahlia Tilley battle for the ball

Katrina Ebsary looks for options

Nicole Andriske takes possession for Blyth/Snowtown

Nicole Andriske makes a pass forward

Katrina Ebsary takes possession for the cats

Rachel Carling and Courtney Jackson jump for the ball

Kristin Carling takes possession in defence

Belinda Freeman takes possession for the Tigers

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Tiny Matthew a heart warrior

MATTHEW Obedoza, who turned one yesterday, has already endured two open heart surgeries, with more to come. RIGHT: Matthew with his brother Jayden McCarthy, and parents , Michael and Kristy . Photos by STEPHEN?ARCHER

Miracle Matthew. While every child is a gift, Matthew Obedoza little life has already endured two open heart surgeries, with more to come. Matthew will be 1 year old on the 22nd July and his family will be having a shin dig to remember. Also pictured brother Jayden McCarthy, dad, Michael Obedoza and mum Kristy Obedoza. Pics by S-L. Archer.

MAKING it to his first birthday yesterday was really something to celebrate for Matthew Obedoza, of Thornlands.

This tiny heart warrior put on his Mickey Mouse ears and celebrated Disney style after a turbulent start to life.

Matthew was born with multiple heart defects essentially withonly half a heart.

His mother Kristy said every small advancement offered a reason to celebrate, the most recent being Matthew’s ability to pull himself up to stand, clap and wave.

“He recently took part in a neuro development study and he is doing well in all areas. It is common for heart babies to be a bit behind in their gross motor skills,” Kristy said.

Kristy said Matthew was diagnosed with Hypo-plastic Right Ventricle, Transposition of the Greater Arteries, Pulmonary Artesia, Tricuspid Artesia, Ventricular Septal Defect and Atrium Septal Defect 20 weeks into her pregnancy.

“We were given three choices: surgery, palliative care or termination. We thought that with the advancement of medicine, he would have a fighting chance, that we would take him as far as he could and the rest was up to him,” she said.

Matthew’s first surgery was at three days old and the second at five months.

“He was on life support for 24 hours after the first surgery and that was the worst day of our lives. The second time, he was in hospital for five days and came home on Christmas eve.

“It was the most beautiful present ever,” she said.

The surgeries are designed to “re-plumb” his blood flow until he reaches a stage where a heart transplant is necessary. Medical advancements indicate that this may not be needed until age 20 or older.

“He has been an absolute blessing his condition is a blessing and a curse. When you have a limited life, you live day by day and enjoy doing it. I might get up to him at 3am and he is smiling.

“I can’t get mad at him, ‘cos he’s happy.”He brings us so much joy. He enhances our lives and we take nothing for granted,” Matthew’s father Michael said.

“Thousands of babies with Congenital Heart Disease don’t make it to their first birthday and thousands more don’t make it to early adulthood. To have our little heart warrior defy the odds and make it through this year is a huge blessing to us,” Kristy said.

“There has been fear and concern, but Matthew smiles and laughs so easily. He brightens our day and has changed our outlook on life.

“He doesn’t need presents. I have told our friends if they want to give him anything to donate to Heart Kids Queensland.

“They have been our support and we have made great friends through other heart families. It is nice to speak to someone who gets it. This charity has supported us so much during our trying times.”

Anyone who can contribute can contact Kristy at [email protected]老域名

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