OPINION: Best of the web, July 15-21

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Snow causes road closuresThey repeal the Carbon Tax and look what happens!

Ian Irvin

glad im not drivin over the mountain.. bad enough with ice and deer on the rd usually

Andrew Wood

I’m glad to see someone else acknowledge deer – first time I saw one on that road I thought I’d hallucinated it, LOL!

Heather Scotland

Surfboard lost between Bega and CoomaThats some nice work and a great design. I hope you find your board Sam.

Tony Cullinan

Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedyAwful tragedy that should never have happened and very hopefully never again. Australia and the world mourning the loss of innocent souls. We are all feeling for the families. Having recently taken similar flight path from Europe a few months ago I feel fortunate and grateful nothing happened to us. Why take risk of flightpaths over questionable war affected zones? Why wasn’t the flight warned or cautioned? Heads will roll and we will get international justice for these lives. Appalling

Andrew O’Donnell

The carbon tax is ditchedWhen I look down

I see earth as a planet

one big beautiful system

preserved in a thin blanket of gas

fragile and venerable in space

When I look out

I see the sun as a star, not in the blue sky but in black

a cosmic perspective

a larger perspective

we are in space

when I look down

I see earth

I see home

I see our destructive approach to life is reckless

there is little between us and a black space that goes on forever

Steve Jackson

Best thing to happen to Australia and may the greens rot in hell

Peter Hill

No refuge for women in the Bega ValleyI thought Bega Valley said No to Violence. Tell me please where are these women to go?

Jo Bugden-Roberts

Pathetic that women & children are to be turned away from safety & by the name of the new service being returned to the situation they’ve fled!

Bev Davies

The Bega Valley’s rates of domestic violence are higher than the NSW average yet we now see not only the Specialist Women’s DV Service not winning the tender, but a decrease in funding for the Bega Valley for women and children escaping violence. This is a cynical and cruel Government exercise in saving money. Once again women’s and children’s lives are being controlled by greed, power and isolationist tactics. I am angry, as are many people across our Valley. This has happened all over NSW and we should be and are appalled. This is unacceptable, as is domestic violence. This government does not understand domestic violence and we will all be affected by these decisions.

Sukalpa Goldflam

Surely I won’t be popular for this, but what refuge is there for men? People are talking about dealing with homelessness as a general issue as if it’s a bad thing. If Mission Australia won the tender, then clearly they put their hat in the ring and want to do the job. They’ve barely started, yet people are already judging them.


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